7 Tips for Staying Safe on a Construction Site

Constructions sites which don’t have good safety practices and procedures in place can quickly turn into extremely dangerous settings to work in. But with the right approach and a concerted effort to focus on health safety, it’s possible to significantly reduce the risks. Everyone who sets foot on a construction site has an important role to play in keeping it a safe place to work, and it’s vital that each person contributes towards that. Workplace safety does not have to be complicated, so here are 7 simple tips for staying safe on a construction site.

Use the Correct Protective Equipment

Employers have a duty to provide the correct personal protective equipment for each employee to help protect them against the risks posed on construction sites. This can include helmets, protective eyewear, harnesses for working at height, gloves, and masks among other items, depending on what potential hazards the construction site may hold, and should be worn at all times.



Ensure Training is up to Date

This is essential as both a worker and an employer, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure that their training is up to date. Accidents can easily occur when workers are using equipment that they aren’t properly trained on, and relevant health and safety training should be a requirement for everyone.

Wear the Right Clothing

On top of personal protective equipment, it’s important to wear the correct clothing as well. Durable, hard wearing fabrics that are not too loose fitting are advisable. Toe capped boots are always the best footwear to wear on site, and high visibility clothing is a good idea on sites with heavy machinery and moving vehicles.



Stay Alert

Most construction sites are busy hives of activity with various pieces of heavy machinery on location and vehicles coming and going throughout the day. Because of this it’s imperative to remain alert at all times when on site. Always think before acting and use your senses to remain focussed, watching and listening out for potential hazards.

Keep it Tidy

Of course, it’s impossible to keep a construction site absolutely spotless, but by making it as tidy as possible you’ll reduce the risks associated with clutter. All equipment and tools should be put away when it’s not in use, materials should be properly stored and work areas should be kept free of trash.

Follow Safety Signs and Directions

All too often, the cause of accidents arises from a lack of clarity over safety procedures. Depending on the site and the specific project being undertaken, there will be different safety rules and regulations in place. These should be clearly signed throughout the site in prominent positions and everyone entering the site should follow them at all times.



Don’t be Afraid to Report Issues

In order for everyone to feel able to take responsibility for health and safety, it’s necessary that there is an open culture on every construction site. One where it’s not only acceptable, but actively encouraged for each worker to report issues, breaches of health and safety and dangerous practices that are being carried out.


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