9 Common Uses for Aerial Lift Equipment

Scaffolding and ladders certainly have their place when it comes to working at height, but they also have plenty of limitations. Many jobs that would traditionally have been done using them are now carried out more effectively with the use of aerial lift equipment. Hiring lift equipment is now easier than ever meaning that these types of machines are no longer just confined to building sites or professional environments. Whether the job you’re completing is a commercial one or in the home, there is undoubtedly a piece of lift equipment that will allow you to do it more efficiently. Here are 9 uses for aerial lift equipment.


Warehouses are often tightly packed and stacked high up to the ceiling to make the most efficient use of the space available. Whether it’s a forklift truck or a platform, the majority of warehouses employ some kind of lifting equipment.


Whether you’re painting the exterior of a tall building or the interior of a room with high ceilings, aerial lift equipment allows you to easily get to those hard to reach places. Whether it’s a private property or commercial building it could save time, hassle and money.

Fruit Harvesting

This is where the nickname for the boom lift of “the cherry picker” originally came from, as they were first designed for use in orchards to pick high lying fruit. They’ve come a long way since then, but are still used on fruit farms the world over.

Working on Utility Lines

Phone lines, electrical cables, or any overhead wires are usually serviced using aerial lift equipment. It’s particularly important to follow strict safety guidance when near any live overhead cables, but lift equipment is regularly used for this type of work.

Building Maintenance

From replacing slipped tiles on a roof to repairing guttering, aerial lift equipment is an invaluable tool for getting workers to inconvenient places safely and quickly. The beauty is in the versatility and has seen lift equipment become a mainstay of building maintenance work.

Washing Windows

Windows aren’t always in convenient places that are possible to reach by ladder or other means, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t still need to be washed. Lift equipment is frequently used for cleaning the windows of medium sized buildings where other options just aren’t suitable.


Aerial lift equipment is used in construction for lifting heavy loads, moving personnel from one storey to another, or for when it’s necessary to work at height. They are far more adaptable than ladders or scaffolding and are frequently used on building sites.

Lights and Signage Installation

From hanging seasonal lights for the holidays, to installing signage on the exterior of buildings, aerial lift equipment is the safest option for reaching these heights.

Pruning Trees

Rather than fixing yourself to the tree or having to balance a ladder on unsteady and uneven branches, lift equipment allows you to work independently and safely when pruning trees. Regardless of its height, there’s a piece of equipment to tackle any sized tree.


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