National Day of Mourning 2017

Today marks the National Day of Mourning, a time when we commemorate and recognize the lives of those people who have been killed or suffered injury or illness through workplace incidents. It’s an unfortunate fact that many hundreds of people are adversely affected every year by events that occur while they are simply going about their day jobs. It’s been over thirty years since this day, 28 April, was designated to remember those lives affected. Since then the National Day of Mourning has been adopted by over 100 other countries that stop to remember those affected.
Even though safety in the workplace has undoubtedly got better, it’s important to recognize that there are always improvements that can still be made. We’re using today as an opportunity to look at the reasons why it’s so important to implement good workplace safety practices.

Poor Safety Standards Cost Lives

The most critical reason that workplace safety is so important, is that it reduces the risk of death or injury. Some estimates put the number of workplace related deaths in Canada per year at over 1000 which is a shocking number in itself. But when you add to that the life changing and even minor injuries that people receive, the figures begin to appear even worse. Everybody has the right to expect to return home when they leave for work in the morning, so put simply, effective safety policies and procedures in the workplace greatly reduce the risk of that not happening.



A Safe Workplace is a Happier, More Productive Workplace

Good safety in the workplace has been shown to actually improve productivity among the workforce, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Employees who fear going to work are more likely to not turn up and will not want to stay with a business for a long period of time. Conversely, if an employee feels safe and secure when they go to work, they will be inclined to show more loyalty and be willing to go the extra mile in the knowledge that they will not be taking a risk with their health.

Good Safety Sets a Business Standard

If a business if footloose and fancy free with their health and safety procedures then it’s a good indication that they don’t care too deeply about their employees. This in turn sets the tone for the rest of the business, and it’s easy to get a reputation both internally and externally for being that company that cuts corners. Implementing good safety procedures is a great way to set a high business standard and build a reputation as an employer that truly cares.

Construction worker


Everyone Benefits

The price of poor workplace safety is high, both from the potential for it to be life threatening to employees, and the huge financial cost for an employer in the event of an accident. Good safety standards benefit both the business and the employee and by promoting a safety culture it’s possible to significantly reduce the risks attached to the workplace.


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