Power Options for Lifts

While in the past, aerial lifts were almost exclusively powered by diesel or gasoline motors on the base of the machine, now a few more options have emerged. Booms these days come with multiple ways of powering them, and the choice is primarily based on how the machine is going to be used on the work site. It will depend on factors like whether the machine is going to be used inside or outside. One key distinction when considering aerial lift equipment is whether you want machinery that is electric powered, engine powered, hybrid, or even unpowered.  

Engine Powered, IC

Engine Powered, or IC Machines, are meant to be used on construction projects taking out outside or industrial sites. They are considered the “workhorse” of the rental industry. This type of power is advantageous because of its versatility since they come with multiple power options to choose from, like the Genie Z 34/22 that has two-speed hydraulic motors. This enables the machine to have both optimal speed and torque. Some potential drawbacks to these machines include the fact that they are very loud while operating, and the engine exhaust means that they are not the best choice for indoor operations. Another consideration is that these engines are usually sized for maximal loads, so they tend to be quite large and even oversized for typical operations. 

Genie Z 34/22

Battery Powered/Electric Lifts and Hybrids

At Alberta Lift, we have a large selection of electric scissor lifts. These battery-powered lifts are meant to work indoors or on poured concrete. They are highly maneuverable.As the name suggests, hybrid powered lifts use a combination of engine power and battery or electric power. 

Both hybrids and electric lifts are quite quiet while they are operated, which can make them more appropriate for sensitive work environments, such as working indoors. A generator acts as a battery, so these booms can be operated with electrical power, without running the engine at all. The battery charges automatically for greater productivity. Advantages include efficient operation. This type of power can save you on fuel. Battery power is optimal for working indoors or on a poured concrete or paved surface.

Hybrids can be a good option to give you a bit of added versatility since they can be used both inside and outside. When they emerged on the market a few years ago, they were not intended to replace engine-powered machines, just to provide another alternative. Maintenance and tree care companies are some of the biggest users of this type of machine. While a hybrid battery pack is initially more expensive, but this cost is offset but long-term savings on engine maintenance.


Unpowered Machines

Thirdly, there are machines that are unpowered, which tend to be smaller so that they can be moved manually and put in position for the job.

Why is it important? 

By evaluating the type of job or the range of jobs you will be using equipment for, you can make an informed decision about the type of machinery that is right for you. The main deciding factor is how you intend to use the lift. At Alberta Lift, we are available to provide assistance and expertise as you navigate the many excellent machinery choices available to you. Give us a call at 1-855-AB-LIFTS.

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