Safety Gear Guide

At Alberta Lift, we have an ongoing commitment to safety. The safe use of machinery such as forklifts can be ensured, in part, by making sure that you have the proper gear before you even start doing the heavy lifting. Here we will cover some of the most common items you will want to invest in before getting to the work site and how they should be used to ensure maximal safety.

1. Safety Glasses

A good pair of safety glasses should be lightweight and fit comfortably. A good fit is important because you don’t want to have to worry about your glasses sliding around while you’re working, which can be a big distraction.

The plastic should be clear, so that you can see out of them easily since vision is important to safely operating a forklift. Safety glasses will ensure that your eyes are protected. When you are selecting a pair of safety glasses there are some considerations that you should be aware of. Some glasses may greatly reduce your peripheral vision, which can actually be a safety hazard, since your peripheral vision is of the utmost importance while you are operating a forklift. Just because glasses may look trendy, doesn’t mean they will help you get the job done safely. You will want to opt for glasses that optimize your full field of vision and, like the glasses we offer, provide UV protection so that your eyes don't get damaged by the sun. 

2. Hard Hats 

A hard hat is important for obvious reasons, to protect your head. Again, when selecting a hard hat, ensure that the fit is snug but comfortable and always fully fasten the straps of the hard hat, so that it can’t slide off while you are working. Hard hats should comply with industry standards. If a hard hat has been damaged or if it has been in an accident (i.e. dropped from height) it should be replaced immediately.

Hard hats at construction site

Be aware that there are different classes of protection that a hard hat will fall into, such as Class E, G and C. This refers to the amount of electrical voltage that the hat can protect from. Class E is the highest voltage protection, up to a maximum of 20,000 watts. In contrast, class C offers no protection from voltage. Therefore, when selecting a hard hat, consider the job you will be doing and how much protection you will need for that situation.

A full brim hard hat or a hard hat with a visor can provide additional protection from damaging UV rays from the sun, and help to reduce glare and improve visibility. One additional consideration is whether you need only top protection (protection from the top of your head) or side protection as well. Type I hard hats only provide top protection, while Type II hard hats will also include side protection. 

3. Safety Harness

If you’re working with a forklift, chances are you may be working at height, which makes a safety harness an indispensable piece of safety equipment that you will have to invest in. You can choose between two main types of harnesses, which are those that have a single sliding D-ring at the center of the back or one that has 3 D-rings, one on the back and two on the hips. A safety harness, when properly attached to your lanyard, will provide fall protection, in the case that you slip while working. A harness can save your life on the job site, so choosing your harness is an important task! If you notice that your harness is getting worn or frayed, it is time to replace it. 

Safety harness in action

At Alberta Lift, we conveniently offer these safety items for sale after you complete a safety training with us or upon delivery. If you have additional questions about the safety gear that is right for you, please feel free to contact us at 1-855-AB-LIFTS.

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