What Can You Do To Avoid Workplace Injuries?

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, avoiding workplace injuries should be a top priority. For employers, these kinds of injuries can leave you liable and critically understaffed while as an employee, it is your body and health that are on the line. In the effort to stay safe in the workplace, proper knowledge of safety concerns is your best weapon. For example, did you know that 1 in 4 injuries is caused by overextension? Musculoskeletal injuries and problems related to overexertion are, in fact, the top cause of injuries.

Naturally, there are some professions that are more prone to these types of injuries than others. But injuries can also happen in situations you might not expect. For instance, we might assume that employees in the restaurant industry would be out of harm’s way. However, consider for a minute that even a keg of beer weighs in at right around 160 pounds, which is certainly heavy enough to cause an overextension injury.

using the proper safety equipment to avoid workplace injuries

While employees in many industries may be at risk, it is of course important to differentiate between annoying injuries and those that could be life threatening. For instance, in construction the change of an accident being fatal is considerably higher than in other fields of work, which makes safety an even higher priority. To avoid injury, it’s important to always lift with your knees and NOT use your back, which can easily become strained and injured if your posture is incorrect in lifting situations.

When considering whether something can be lifted by hand, and without equipment, it’s important that you factor in not only the weight, but also the shape and size of what you will be lifting. For instance, a package that may not seem very heavy on paper, may in fact be cumbersome to lift given an awkward shape and size that could be more of a strain than you could think. Barrels are oftentimes dangerous for this very reason, which is why there are specific machines designed to aid workers who have to lift them on a regular basis.

Taking advantage of lifts that are designed to aid workers lifting heavy objects is one crucial step that you can take to avoid injuries at the worksite. In many warehouse environments, some of the main safety concerns to be aware of also include slips, trips and falls. Proper safety training can help your employees become aware of the particular risks they face based on their work environment.

Harnesses are an important part of jobsite safety

At Alberta Lift, we take safety seriously and offer top quality safety courses that can be a valuable resource to you. Contact us at Alberta Lift so we can help you to determine what kind of equipment is right for whatever job you need to get done, without placing your employees in an unsafe situation. Click here to learn more about the safety trainings that we offer, so that once you’ve identified the proper equipment you can teach your employees to use it safely.

Our courses cover everything from "Fall Protection Essentials" to "Aerial Work Platform" guidelines and we have both full day and half day classes available for your convenience.

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