What Kind of Lift Is Right For The Job

At Alberta Lift we offer a wide range of lifts. If you don’t have experience using lifts, it may seem overwhelming when you’re trying to figure out which lift is right for you and the job that you need to get done. We are here to help you every step of the way, so we decided to compile this basic guide that will cover some of the equipment we offer as well as the common jobs this equipment is used for. 

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and an expert at Albert Lifts will help address your questions and concerns.

Forklifts in a warehouse ready to get the job done 


Forklifts are most useful when you need to move heavy material around a worksite. In fact, forklifts such as our telehandlers can lift 5000 pounds to a height of 18 ft. This type of equipment is useful in such a wide array of situations, they are considered a mainstay for practically any jobsite. They are useful for moving materials short distances.  

You may also see forklifts referred to as lift trucks, fork trucks, and forklift trucks. Two important considerations when deciding which forklift is right for you are the maximum load that you require and the center of gravity. Rear-wheel steering is another essential component you’ll need to consider.  Other components to keep in mind when selecting a forklift is four-wheel drive and two wheel steering, so you can use the equipment in many different settings.

Forklift being safely operated to lower tires 

Personal Lifts (AWP) 

Personal lifts are also known as AWPs, which stands for an aerial work platform. They are comprised of two main parts, a basket or platform where the worker can stand and the boom arm, which lifts the platform. 

It is sometimes called a “cherry picker” because they have historically been used in orchards to help with harvesting from high-up tree tops with ease. Personal lifts can be used for a wide variety of jobs including but not limited to, electric jobs at a height, painting, plumbing, routine maintenance, as well as duct work. They can also be a safe way to put up holiday decorations or signs on your house or business. 

AWPs have become popular for window cleaning, since they are more light-weight and can be used in conditions where heavier equipment is too cumbersome to bring in. The advantages they offer is that a worker can be securely lifted, while working in 360 degrees and safely using both hands on the job. 

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are different in their lifting mechanism. It forms a criss-crossing pattern known as a scissor mechanism from which these machines get their name. This pattern elongates when the lift needs to rise.

One potential downside is that the movement of these lifts' can be somewhat more limited, as it tends to only lift vertically, and offers less horizontal range of motion. They can only get your workers up. They do offer the advantage of a fail-safe option in the descent mode, so that the lift doesn’t rely on power to lower. Instead, if can go down with just a manual valve, which is one of the advantages offered by this type of equipment.


There is a wide array of lifting machinery out there in the market. Here at Alberta Lift we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and we are available to help you consider all of the options for the job you need to get done. Don’t hesitate to call us toll free at 1-855-AB-LIFTS. 

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