About Our Pink Lift

We've been running our Pink Lift "Reaching For The Cure" charity for over a year now and we've had amazing success with it. We're very happy to say that we've not only been able to raise money, but also awareness to important issues that face our community here in Alberta. The Pink Lift has been seen parked all around Lethbridge and Calgary and it's beautiful shining color is always a reminder that we all need to be aware of breast cancer and how it effects our loved ones.

What is the Pink Lift?

Our Pink Lift is a PINK SJ63AJ – 63’ Articulating Manlift. To date, our Reach For The Cure Pink Boom Lift campaign has raised nearly $15,000 towards various charities. In February of 2016 we donated $1,600 to Kid's Cancer Care and $1,300 to Alberta Childrens Hospital. When the Alberta Fires were raging we sent all of our social fund (which we normally use for Fantastic Fridays) to the victims of the fire. And this month, being October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we partnered with some great businesses around Calgary & Lethbridge to help raise awareness for breast cancer.


breast cancer awareness month


Where Has The Pink Lift Been Seen?

If you live around the Calgary & Lethbridge area, there's a good chance that you've seen our lift parked outside of a building at some point. We also took part in a Guiness Record attempt when school children got together to create the largest maple leaf formed from humans. It doesn't get any more Canadian than that! Just check out some of these photos of places that we've parked our lift!

Pink Boom



How The Campaign Works

  • A customer rents a 63' Articulating Manlift from our fleet

  • Alberta Lift will select at random, where the PINK lift will end up

  • If the PINK lift shows up at your job site, we'll call you and ask which charity you'd like to donate to

  • Alberta Lift will then donate 50% of the rental cost to a charity of your choice!

How Can You Take Part?

You don't have to donate any of your hard earned money through our Pink Lift Campaign. The goal is that Alberta Lift uses the half of the rental cost and puts it towards charity. We just hope that if you see our beautiful pink boom lift parked somewhere near you, you'll stop for a minute and consider donating to one of the many charities in Alberta and around the world. Thank-you to everyone who has helped us get this far with our Pink Lift Reaching For The Cure Campaign and we are excited to continue it into 2017.

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