5 Jobs You Do at Home That Are Perfect For Lift Equipment

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Forklifts, scissor lifts, man lifts, boom lifts and personal lifts may sound like equipment meant for the construction yard or inside a factory, but there are numerous jobs you do at home that would be made much easier by using the proper equipment. In this article we're going to list 5 jobs you do at home every year that could be done much faster, safer and more efficiently by using lift equipment.

1. Hanging Christmas Lights

One of the biggest seasonal jobs we have at home is putting up and taking down Christmas lights. In Canada, where the weather is often cold and icy by November, climbing a ladder or walking on a roof can be extremely dangerous. A scissor lift can save you a lot of time, hassle and potentially a broken back! According to RoSPA, over 350 people injure themselves while hanging Christmas lights each year.

One obvious way to keep your self safe is to not head out to put up the festive glow around your house, if you've had some yuletide eggnog and you have a festive glow on yourself! Always do jobs at height when you're completely sober, and use the right equipment.

2. Painting The House

Hundreds of people also injure themselves when painting the house. But these injuries don't just come from slips and falls. They also come from what is known as "painters arm". When you're painting the outside of your house and you're not high enough for the spots you're trying to reach, your arm can become fatigued and even injured from excessive reaching.

A man lift can help to eliminate the dreaded painters arm, as well as ensure that you're on a more sturdy surface than a ladder.

3. Pruning Trees

A somewhat shocking statistic is that 200 Americans die each year from falling out of trees. Injuries can also occur from falling branches and unsteady foundation when climbing the ladder or the tree itself.

The dangerous way to prune a tree. A boom lift can get you up to those hard to reach places and any falling branches won't knock you over as may happen when on a ladder. Make sure all children and pedestrians are clear of the falling debris. You can also load the branches into the lift and transport them to a pile if needed.

4. Moving

If you're moving a large house, you can put all of your boxes on pallets and then use a forklift to transport those pallets to the moving van or trailer. This can save an amazing amount of time. Don't injure your back while trying to lift heavy couches, entertainment sets, beds and washing machines. Strap them to a pallet and carry them from the door to your van. You should also always use a dolly to transport heavy boxes from each room to the door.

5. Cleaning Gutters

Another rooftop job that you have to do at home that is often extremely dangerous and more time-consuming than it needs to be. Every time you move the ladder, you can only clean / repair about 6 feet of gutter (depending on how wide your arm span is). If you have a large home, cleaning and repairing gutters can take hours. According to shrinkthatfootprint.com, the average house in Canada is 181 meters square. This means that there are 724 meters of gutters around the entire house. If you can only clean 2 meters (6 feet) of gutter every time you have to move the ladder, you'd have to go up and down those rungs an annoying 362 times!

How big is a house

With a scissor lift, you can stay at a comfortable height level to the gutter, clean each section and then simply drive the machine forward to clean the next section, without having to climb up and down the ladder so many times.

Always Be Safe & Have The Right Tool For The Job

Even if you don't decide to use lift equipment while doing the above jobs, make sure you're taking all of the necessary precautions. Ensure that your ladder is sturdy and has good foot placement. Tie yourself off if you're at fall heights and make sure you have a spotter, or at least someone within shouting distance before you start doing any potentially dangerous work around the house. If you have any questions about how our lift equipment can help make your jobs at home easier, just contact us. One of our customer service representatives will be happy to help you. Alberta Lift & Equipment Rentals. Service. Within Reach.

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