Top 5 Construction Blogs of 2016

If you're in the business of building, you may not know that there is some excellent reading material online in your field. There is some very interesting news coming out of the construction world each and every day and there are some top blogs to keep an eye on to make sure you're in the know. Here are 5 of our favourite construction blogs in 2016.

Building has been around for over 60 years and has frequently updated construction news and analysis and focuses on safety, sustainability and eco-minded building practices. The magazine's founder, Joseph Alysius Hansom - architect of Birmingham Town Hall and designer of the Hansom safety cab, has not only won numerous awards for the Building blog, but also hosts some of the most prestigious awards in the construction industry.

Best construction blogs



Okay, the first two spots on our list don't have the most original names, but they're both at the top for a reason. While Joseph Hansom's Building blog is more broadly focused, Hanley Wood's publication is a magazine all about residential construction. You can subscribe for frequent updates and get all the latest news and information on process, design and running your own construction business.

Top Construction Blog


Construction News

Offering exactly what the name implies, Construction News is one of the most informative publications in the industry. It's one of the UK's leading blogs pertaining to market intelligence and forecast and trend data. Construction News is a great resource for brands and companies who aim to stay ahead of the pack and continue to improve their business by leading instead of following.

Top Construction News Blog


Engineering News-Record

This blog provides up-to-date engineering and construction news, analysis, commentary and data that industry professionals require to do their jobs more effectively. The weekly magazine has nearly 50,000 paid subscribers and the blog itself sees almost 200,000 unique visitors per month making it one of the most popular blogs in the space today. The audience includes contractors, project owners, engineers, architects, government regulators and industry suppliers and ENR connects them in all of their diverse sectors within the industry to ensure coverage that everyone needs.

Top Construction Blog


Hard Hat Chat

Finally a unique name on this list. Coming up with original titles must not be a common talent in the construction field, but this construction blog has done that and much more. Hard Hat Chat is a great resource for workers interested in commercial construction, development, and management. The blog's content includes all aspects of commercial construction, including pre-construction services, general contracting, construction management and maintenance.

Top Construction Blog


There Are More...

Once you start reading these blogs, you'll realize that construction news isn't as bland as it may sound. With stories ranging from China building houses with 3D printers, to stock reports and real estate market trends, these 5 blogs have a great range of quality content to browse through. You can subscribe to each of them to stay updated and also, don't forget to subscribe to the Alberta Lift Newsletter below to receive weekly updates and sales!

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