We're Giving Away Calgary Flames Tickets!

Did you hear that Alberta Lift has started giving away Calgary Flames tickets? That's right! Every quarter, we're running a giveaway for 4 great seats at our local NHL hockey games. If you're from the Calgary area, you're going to want to read this post and follow us so that you can enter for your chance to win the next raffle!

Our First Winner!

AmandabridegirlAmanda Bradbury was the first winner of our Calgary Flames ticket giveaway and we've just sent her 4 tickets so that she can head to the game on December 11. What a great pre-Christmas present for Amanda and 3 friends or family members. If this is the first that you've heard of Alberta Lift giving away tickets, then perhaps you're not following us on social media or maybe you're not subscribed to our newsletter? Enter your email below or click the social icons to follow our accounts and when you see the next giveaway begin, simply follow the steps and you'll be entered. It's that easy!


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We love to see our customers, friends and followers having a good time enjoying Canada's sport, live in person. Our last draw was pretty successful with nearly 100 entries, but we'd love to see more people participate! The more entries we have in our draws, the more often we can giveaway tickets. So tell your friends, your family and share this post across your social media accounts. Tell them that if they win, they have to take you with them! If we can get over 500 entries this time around, we'll definitely start another giveaway right away.

How Can You Win?

All you have to do is follow us on social media and join our newsletter. When you see a post or a mention about the giveaway, click on the link and follow the instructions. Usually you'll be asked to enter your name and complete a social share (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and after that you'll be entered to win. It's that easy!

When Will The Next Giveaway Be?

We just sent Amanda to the game, so we'll be giving away another set of tickets in early 2016, but it all depends on how many people sign-up for our newsletter and follow our social media accounts above. Once we see a few new people and we feel like we've made some new friends, we'll start another giveaway.

Can You Enter Your Name Twice?

Yes! Actually, you can enter your name a total of 4 times if you'd like. Each time you complete an action from the giveaway (Like commenting on a post, sharing our website etc.), your name will be entered one time. We usually give our followers the opportunity to complete 4 actions and thus have their name entered into the draw four times!

How Do You Collect Your Tickets?

Once we draw a winner, we'll send him / her an email. If he / she replies and accepts the prize within 7 days, we'll send an e-ticket to him / her and announce the winners in our newsletter and across our social media channels. If there is no reply, we'll continue to draw names every 7 days until someone claims the prize. Once you have your e-ticket, you're good to go!

Note: We will ask for a photo of the winner to publish on social media & in our newsletter.

Are You With Us?

We're going to be giving away lots of cool prizes and offering great deals and discounts on our equipment through our social media channels and our newsletter, so definitely join us and don't miss out! At Alberta Lift, we're all about making our customers happy, and what better way then sending you to some local hockey games and helping you get out of the cold and stay warm in the arena?! Alberta Lift & Equipment Rentals. Service. Within reach.

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